How to be an astronaut

Join us on July 1st, 11:00

Synge Theatre, Trinity College Dublin


How to be an astronaut

Do you dream of becoming an astronaut?  Dr Geoff made it to the final 16 candidates to become an astronaut. From May 2008 until May 2009 Dr Geoff competed in the astronaut recruitment campaign. Through interviews, medical tests, fitness tests, aptitude tests and stress/survival tests, a field of 5351 qualified applicants was narrowed to 16 finalists. As a top 16 finalist, Dr Geoff will describe the campaign and highlight some of the amazing and unusual challenges he faced so that you will learn about how you can be an astronaut! 

Join us on July 1st to hear Dr Geoff give us the low-down on how to be an astronaut.

Please arrive at the Synge theatre by 10:45 with your tickets ready so we will be all set for lift off at 11:00.

No children under three years please.

Doors close at 10:55. Late arrivals may not be admitted.

Dr Geoff Steeves

Dr. Geoff Steeves is a physics professor at the University of Victoria and a faculty member at the International Space University. He is also the outreach coordinator for The Planetary Society - Victoria. Geoff’s passion for space exploration led him to be one of the final 16 candidates to be an astronaut!