Love movies ? Join us each month for Space Movie Night and enjoy all your favorite space movies with your friends. From the classics like Apollo 13 to recent releases like The Martian, Space Movie Night will transport you to a space based future (or past). Discover movies that you've never seen before like Orphans of Apollo and meet people interested in science, technology and space.

22 JUNE 2017


22 June 18:30 in Dundrum Cinema

What do you do when the Earth has been destroyed to make way for an inter-galactic bypass ? Join Arthur Dent, and Ford Prefect on their epic adventures across the Galaxy in this all time great story. 

Join us on June 22nd @18:30 to watch the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy in Dundrum Cinema.


  • We will be raffling off tickets to our other events - not to be missed!
  • The animated short movie "Astro Catastrophe' will be shown at a later date.


20 JULY 2017

The MARTIAN  (2015) 

Join us on July 20th to celebrate the anniversary of man first stepping on the moon! What better way to celebrate than to ponder the next giant leap for mankind?

Imagine being the only human on a desolate planet with only a few days food and water remaining. What would you do?

Science the sh*t out of it, with Matt Damon in this inspiring story of human survival 140 million miles from Earth.

13 JULY 2017


The words "Houston, we have a problem" were immortalized during the tense days of the Apollo 13 lunar mission crisis. Astronaut Jim Lovell (Tom Hanks), Jack Swigert (Kevin Bacon) and Fred Haise (Bill Paxton) embarked on the third manned mission to land on the moon in 1970. All goes smoothly until an oxygen tank explodes, threatening the missions and the astronauts' lives. The astronauts have to abandon the mission and get back to Earth before it is too late. The movie shows the tensions and challenges the three astronauts faced in the Apollo 13 capsule as they try to get home. This movie is suitable for all ages is a great way to prepare for the space weekend ahead.


The goal of Space Movie Night is to inspire an interest in space exploration, and to encourage debate on the long term future of humanity. Science fiction provides a window in to many different futures and the role that science, technology, culture and economics will play in these possible futures. Which future should we create?

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Space Movie Night was created by Laura Keogh.

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