How to get involved with space in Ireland!

Primary and secondary school students

How to get involved in space:

Resources to learn about space from home for children:


Places you can visit

Birr Castle, Co. Offally: You can see the new I-LOFAR and the Great Telescope – in the 1840’s the Earl of Rosse designed and built the largest telescope in the world. This reflecting telescope remained the largest in the world for over 70 years.

List of all observatories:







      thinking about what to study at university

      The space sector needs everything from doctors, insurance providers and lawyers to engineers and scientists - being an astronaut is not the only job! But of course there are dedicated courses to space:

      Get involved with Extra courses and space groups

      WHAT CAN YOU do after your bachelors

      There are really two options here - study more or work!

      Study more:


      You don't want to work or study in space but still want to be involved?

      Join a Group to learn about space:

      Resources to learn about space from home: