School Visits

We are excited to announce that we are beginning to do school/library visits once per month. To apply for us to visit your school or library, please email [email protected]

For primary and secondary schools, we can provide a general interactive 30 minute talk entitled “Our Place in Space and the Role of Gravity”. We would recommend doing it within groups of max 30, so that students can get the most out of it. We can spend the day at the school and provide the talk to each class.

For secondary schools that are interested we can provide a two hour workshop entitled “How to Create a Space Nation”, teaching students about the psychological, legal and political complexities involved in running a society.

Alternatively, if you would like help putting together a space workshop or class for your school, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Why do school visits?

We decided to begin doing school visits after the success of our first school visit to Rathregan National School on March 21st 2019, which we did because of a request from Sarah Halpin! Sarah Halpin is one of the students we part funded to visit ISU – so a huge thank you to Sarah Halpin for pointing us in this direction!

The children were so excited to learn about space, we are very inspired to do it again!


I wanted to contact you to express my sincere thanks from me, the staff and the students here at Rathregan National School for what can only be described as a magical day! We found the presentation so interesting and the students loved the activities and incentives and were talking about it for a few days afterwards! Would love to welcome you back again in the near future. Well done and many thanks! 

– Fíona McArdle, Principal Rathregan National School.

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